Suzhou Langlin hardware products Limited by Share Ltd
Business Type
Manufacturer & Trading Company & Business Service
Primary services
Production and sales: hardware products, furniture; props design, production, construction, sales; c
More products
stainless steel showcases, woodwork models, metal products, plastic products, office supplies, daily necessities sales; exhibition and exhibition projects; exhibition services;, business consulting services; Engineering design and construction;
1 buildings of new village, ye Tang, Shang Hu Town, ChangShu City, Jiangsu

Company Profile

Our company specializes in designing and making stores and clothing stores, Cosmetics Exhibition cabinets, and high-end steel and wood furniture. It is a design, production and installation of a dragon service enterprise. Our company has QC12K series CNC shearing machine, WC67K series CNC bending machine, 60TON punch press, MJK NC saw blade, reciprocating saw trigger, MJ precision push platform saw, MX trimming, MX507 milling machine, organic engraving machine, suction machine, hot bending machine, dust free paint drying room and so on. There are metal workshops, wooden workshops, and lacquer cars. And a strong design team. From the display of perfume, skin care, shampoo, cosmetics and daily necessities, the high-end steel and wood furniture of the hotel is custom-made to the whole shop of the marketing program, the company has a unique originality. After years of training, we have a group of well-designed, conscientious and practical fashion designers and production teams. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "reputation for survival", "technology for development" and "development for excellence". We firmly believe that the success of customers is the success of Lang Lin. Showing you the perfect product display is our goal.